Strength, Endurance, Self-Esteem

Wyoming Middle School

Wyoming, OH

5 – 8 

student musicians, wyoming msPhysical education is a differentiated, student-centered, growth-minded program with a focus on wellness. Students in grades 5-8 have two days of physical education classes per week with a variety of activities that focus on muscular strength, flexibility, and coordination, with special emphasis on cardiovascular endurance. Our physical education classes promote positive self-image and self-esteem as well as the benefits of physical activity and life-long fitness. Technology is integrated into our physical education classes by flipped lessons on basic skills and online assessments.

Students learn team-building and acquire a solid foundation of skills that also support our extracurricular sports teams. Health class, also project-based, technology-infused, and growth-minded, has a wellness focus. All seventh and eighth graders take health every other day throughout the school year, which permits an in-depth look at topics from social media to a variety of student-centered issues. Experts in these areas are often brought in to connect students to their community. In health class, students take part in an “influential person” program by creating a speech or written document to honor someone who has positively impacted their lives. Learn more about Wyoming Middle School.