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Warriors BEyond Expeditions

A slice of the Mariemont ExperienceMariemont Junior High School, (Cincinnatti, OH). Learning takes many forms at Mariemont Junior High School (MJHS). For example, Expeditions, part of the district-wide award-winning Warriors BEyond program, provide students with exciting, innovative learning opportunities throughout the school year. Warriors BEyond seeks to foster passion exploration through hands-on, interest-based courses that encourage students to investigate new ideas, subjects, theories and activities beyond the traditional curriculum. Students can choose from over 60 sessions.

All Expeditions are hands-on, ungraded, and focused on lighting a spark of student interests. MJHS Expeditions programming provides pre-apprenticeship opportunities under the following five core principles: The Creators, The Global Learners, The Futurists, The Wellness Warriors, and The Young Professionals. The Creators Expedition sessions are focused on music, the arts, expression, and performance. The Futurists sessions relate to technology, logic, and strategy. The Global Learners sessions focus on cultures, traditions, and world languages. The Wellness Warriors sessions relate to fitness, health, and sports.

The Young Professionals sessions address career possibilities, college, and life skills. The Expeditions experiential learning program features several career and life skills offerings, including: Financial Literacy, My Own Business (entrepreneurship), Landscape Design, Girls in STEAM, Animation, and Ceramics. In addition, MJHS features an annual spring Stock Market investing challenge in partnership with Kiwanis International. Principles of investing are taught by local finance professionals, as students compete in collaborative teams.