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Willow Creek Elementary School

POWER Time and Videos

Willow Creek ESWillow Creek Elementary School (Centennial, CO). To promote a positive school climate and growth mindsets, Willow Creek focuses on POWER which stands for Persistence, Optimism, We are Flexible, Empathy, and Resilience. The school designates 10-15 minutes daily as POWER Time for activities that teach students a growth mindset and appropriate school behaviors using a common language across the school. A weekly POWER TIME video, produced in collaboration with the principal and staff, teaches and promotes appropriate school behaviors. Weekly POWER TIME videos begin with the ‘why’ of growth mindsets and give concrete definitions and examples of teachers and students demonstrating the traits. Students and staff in all grade levels, classes, and programs produce these videos. The videos are shared with families each week to strengthen the school-home connection. In addition, students are encouraged to recognize and use the traits in themselves and each other as they go through the school day. Three times a year, Willow Creek holds all-school POWER pep assemblies. During the assemblies, students have an opportunity to share with the entire school specific ways that their teachers show POWER. Time is taken to celebrate the achievements of students both in and out of school. Willow Creek’s widespread adoption of growth mindset practices impact students emotionally which impacts students academically. The school encourages students to utilize grit and perseverance to gain skill and knowledge. Staff believe that students can and will learn which fosters students’ belief in themselves, making learning a completely attainable task, with no time limits, as learning is continuous and never ending.

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