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student supports


haldane high school students

Haldane High School (Cold Spring, NY). One of the most targeted approaches to student success at Haldane High School is the implementation of Math Labs. Designed to strengthen math instruction, Math Labs offer students the opportunity to build an extra half period of math into their schedules for more concentrated math learning. Additionally, a critical component of Haldaneā€™s commitment to help each student achieve their personal best is HEART (Haldane Encourages Achievement, Research and Teamwork), an after-school extra help program open to students in all academic subjects. Because seeking extra help is routinely encouraged by the faculty, beginning in middle school, there is no stigma attached to HEART. Participants range from struggling students to the highest achievers in AP classes. Haldane credits HEART and Math Labs with boosting enrollment in upper level math and science courses by students who might not have felt confident enough to tackle more difficult courses without these supports.

Afterschool Program Keeps Students On Track

Students at york suburban hs

York Suburban Senior High School (York, PA). Beyond the classroom, the Trojan Learning Center was developed to provide supplemental assistance with day-to-day coursework, along with more intensive assistance. The center is led by a full-time staff member who assists students with content and organizational skills while also providing academic monitoring. The students are further supported by at least one additional teaching staff member each period, along with National Honor Society students who provide student tutoring. The center remains open after school to provide support to those students who are unable to access it during the day. While the center is always available on a voluntary basis, students are also assigned to the center based upon their past progress. Freshman students are assigned mandatory hours outside of school when they demonstrate consistent difficulty with a class or classes. Each year, more than 40% of the freshman class use the center in some fashion, and many students continue to use it as they move on to higher grade levels. Through purposefully designed instructional activities, a mastery approach to learning, and supplemental interventions, we are able to meet the diverse needs of students and help them meet our instructional goals.

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