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high-speed wireless Internet

October is Connected Educators Month

connected“In a country where we expect free Wi-Fi with our coffee, shouldn’t we demand it in our schools? Shouldn’t we want that for our children’s education?”

President Barack Obama raised these questions at the launch of the ConnectED Initiative, aimed at connecting 99% of America’s students to high-speed wireless Internet in five years. Connected Educators is an initiative of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education. Watch a video about Connected Educators by the USDE Office of Ed Tech.

This month is “Connected Educators Month.” Are you a “connected educator”? Do you leverage technology to connect with other educators and resources? How do you use those connections to improve teaching and learning at your school? Follow the international Twitter conversation at #ce13.

The U.S. Department of Education has challenged educators across the U.S. and around the globe to host or attend a myriad of virtual and live events—from Tweets and podcasts to live conferences—to bring more educators and stakeholders into the world of digital connection and resource sharing.

To get involved, check out the calendar of Connected Educator events or submit an event. Visit the Connected Educators website to get the resource toolkit and learn more. And join the Connected Educators Month Facilitators Google+ Community, a public forum where educators share resources, ideas, events, questions and successes. Other actions:

  • Start tweeting using the #CE13 hashtag to share how you’re a connected educator.
  • Invited at least three colleagues who aren’t currently connected to create social media accounts.
  • Sign up for an EdConnectr account. This is a great way to meet colleagues who share common interests, goals, or have a skillset of value to you.


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