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Using Technology to Expand Opportunities for Rural Students: Sugar-Salem High School

Sugar-Salem Joint District #322

Sugar City, Idaho

Rural schools face special challenges, especially in the West, where great distances often separate small towns. Thanks to continuing advances in technology, students at Sugar-Salem High School, in the foothills of the Grand Tetons, distance is no obstacle to a high quality education. Spearheaded by a savvy administration, Sugar-Salem created a consortium with other rural schools linked by the Idaho Education Network (IEN), an online teleconference system that lets students learn from and interact with teachers from other schools—expanding their academic choices and connecting them to distant peers. Through the IEN, Sugar-Salem students are also able to take dual credit courses and earn an Associate’s degree at the same time they graduate. An innovative eighth grade program allows students to begin earning high school credit early and use high school to complete college-level work. A one-to-one laptop program opens new research and study channels for students and enables many families to take advantage of e-mail and other online resources. With a 100% graduation rate, Sugar-Salem is committed to giving every student a path to college.

Read Sugar-Salem High School’s summary.

Download the school’s 2013 application.



Download Using Technology to Expand Opportunities for Rural Students

Contact Information

Principal: Mr. Jared Jenks
1 S Digger Drive
Sugar City, ID 83448-5014
Telephone: (208) 356-0274

Student Demographics 2013

Number of students 9 – 12 472
Students eligible for subsidized meals 47%
Limited English proficient students 14%
Students receiving special education services 5%
Student mobility rate 8%
White students 91%
Hispanic or Latino students 6%
African American students 1%
Asian students 1%
Students of 2 or more races 1%
Average daily student attendance 96%
Graduation rate 100%