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Learning By Inquiry: STEM Magnet at Annie Fisher (K-8)

Hartford Public Schools

Hartford, Connecticut

Connecticut’s first K-12 feeder pathway school, the STEM Magnet at Annie Fisher School in Hartford offers its K-8 students a rigorous grounding in STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and the opportunity to attend a STEM high school to further their studies. Through a partnership with the Connecticut Science Center, the entire faculty has been trained in the inquiry method. Teachers design “inquiry starters” to help students make observations and generate questions about the content they are studying. Based on their questions, students then conduct a focused investigation to explore answers. Finally, students communicate the results of their investigation. This method—applied in subjects as varied as mathematics, biology, and history—has made the STEM Magnet at Annie Fisher a model “turnaround” school in Connecticut and a pioneer in shaping regional and national STEM study.

Download the STEM Magnet at Annie Fisher 2012 application.

Download transcript of _Learning By Inquiry.

Contact Information

Current Principal: Ms. Melong Brady-Shanley
STEM Magnet at Annie Fisher School
280 Plainfield Street
Hartford, CT 06112
Telephone: 860-695-3500

Student Demographics 2012

Number of Students K – 8 350
Students eligible for subsidized meals 59%
Limited English proficient students1 4%
Students receiving special education services 12%
Student mobility rate 1%
African American students 47%
White students 25%
Hispanic or Latino students 12%
Asian students 12%
Students of two or more races 2%
Average daily student attendance 96%