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Preparing Students for TV and Radio Broadcasting Careers

Communications HS

Communications High School, (Wall, NJ). Communications High School (CHS) is a choice vocational career academy. Career concentrations include: Digital Video, Visual Communications, Journalism, Communications Technology, and TV/Radio production. CHS uses a theme-based curriculum that continually engages students in projects with real-world applications. The courses provide students opportunities to utilize the skills they have learned in class in a practical environment. For example, in the TV and Radio Broadcast track, students work in industry-standard studios and create news programs that are broadcast daily to the entire school. The Digital Video program requires students to produce and budget short films to be produced both in and outside of the classroom, involving themselves in the entire process, from budgeting to final edits. The same concept holds true for the Journalism, Graphic Arts, and Programming theme courses. CHS enjoys productive partnerships with over 50 industry, government, and educational organizations to supplement classroom instruction with a senior year mentorship, enabling students to gain real-world experience in communications careers.