John F. Kennedy Magnet School 2010 NBR School

Port Chester UFSD
Port Chester, New York

John F. Kennedy Magnet School is a K – 5 math, science, and technology magnet school in Port Chester, a low-income city in otherwise prosperous Westchester County. An active port, the city has long drawn immigrant families; with a recent influx of new citizens from Central and South America, 85% of all 725 JFK students come from Spanish-speaking homes (nearly 60% of students are English language learners) and 78% of all students qualify for subsidized meals. With strong support from the central office, Principal Lou Cuglietto and his staff have been aggressive in meeting students’ needs. The JFK Magnet School is one of the top elementary schools in New York State.

A comprehensive Bilingual/ ESL Program of instruction in Spanish, using the same curriculum used in classes taught in English, removes language and achievement barriers for non-native English speaking students. Spanish-speaking students in lower grades receive most of their instruction in Spanish, transitioning to English over time. The number of teachers highly proficient in English and Spanish has risen from three to 23 and dual language proficiency is a key hiring criterion.

From “Hoy Dia” to “Today”:
Supporting Bilingual Education Students

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Kids as Scientists: Awakening Curiosity

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Contact Information

Principal Lou Cuglietto
John F. Kennedy Magnet School
40 Olivia Street
Port Chester, NY 10573-2808
Telephone: (914) 934-7990
Web site/URL: http://jfk.portchesterschools.org/home.aspx
E-mail: lcuglietto@portchesterschools.org

Student Demographics

725 Students, K – 5

Black or African American 9%
Hispanic or Latino 86%
White 3%
Asian 1%
Two or More Races 1%
Student mobility rate during the past year 10%
Students with Limited English Proficiency 57%
Students eligible for subsidized meals 78%
Students Receiving Special Education Services 8%


Download JFK’s 2010 National Blue Ribbon Schools application.
Download a printable (PDF) version of the written profile of JFK Magnet Elementary School.