2010 National Blue Ribbon School Profiles

All Blue Ribbon Schools are outstanding. Those featured here were chosen as examples of schools that encountered significant challenges on their road to excellence. They comprise an elementary school (John F. Kennedy Magnet School), a middle school (Elgin Middle School), a high school (O’Bryant High School of Mathematics and Science), and a K-12 school (North Star Academy Charter School of Newark). (Click links to learn more about each school.)

The videos showcase just a few of the exemplary practices used in these schools. The JFK Magnet and O’Bryant High Schools highlight student experimentation to engage students in scientific inquiry. O’Bryant and Elgin Middle School focus on teachers’ strong, affirming relationships with students that inspire hard work and high achievement. Preparation for college is a message all these schools convey: North Star makes it explicit, affiliating students with colleges from day one. JFK Magnet’s 22-member bilingual team ensures that Spanish-speaking students transition from Spanish to English after strong native language teaching. At North Star Academy Charter, “quick hits, bite-sized goals” and actionable feedback describe the school’s intense coaching of all teachers. Elgin shares how relationships, rewards, and recognition in middle school prepare students for high school success; it also highlights the benefits of the Blue Ribbon School award to the school.

View narrated slide shows: