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Maryann Hayslip, Saint Aloysius School, Pewee Valley, KY

Maryann Hayslip KY Bell

Principal Maryann Hayslip believes responsible, caring educators do their best work by meeting students where they are and helping them see their unique abilities to move forward. Her vision for education acknowledges both the struggles and the past successes of each student while keeping a positive approach for future growth. This unified positive approach promotes the extension of instruction into other areas to help develop the whole child.

Maryann Hayslip always knew she wanted to be a teacher; however, a dynamic Spanish high school teacher led her to pursue a master’s and doctorate degrees in Spanish Language and Literature. As a Spanish teacher, she created the first official Spanish program for parochial schools in central Illinois and was named the Illinois Outstanding Spanish Teacher in 2003.

Starting as a Spanish teacher at Saint Aloysius School, Mrs. Hayslip earned a master’s degree in administrative leadership and later became Assistant Principal. Saint Aloysius named her Principal in 2007. During Mrs. Hayslip’s tenure (13 years), NBRS has recognized Saint Aloysius School twice, the first time in 2014 and now in 2020. In 2017, Principal Hayslip was named the Distinguished Catholic School Leader for the Archdiocese of Louisville.

By expecting the best from herself, Principal Hayslip brings out the best in the school. She works tirelessly to build on the strengths of the school community and identifies areas needing improvements. Described as a passionate servant-style leader by educators, Principal Hayslip instills a strong school community, built on communication and collaboration, to focus on continuous improvement and the growth and development of every teacher and student. In addition to high standards and expectations, under her leadership, Saint Aloysius has embraced child-centered practices, prioritized social and emotional learning, and celebrated teacher collaboration.

Described as a life-long learner, Principal Hayslip is always looking for ways to build teacher capacity to impact students. For example, after hearing a presentation in 2019, Mrs. Hayslip led the school’s adoption of CALMA (Calm and Loving Minds Achieve) curricula as a school-wide social emotional and preventive behavioral curriculum approach. The curricula focus on the development of students’ self-regulation, awareness of the present moment, social skills, and focused attention. Principal Hayslip secured funds for the program and scheduled the trainings for all teachers, assistants, and administrators.

Understanding the importance of having all stakeholders involved in school-wide decision-making, Principal Hayslip promoted a school-wide social emotional Professional Learning Community (PLC). Initially, the PLC addressed everyone’s concerns and focused on every class implementing the curricula while monitoring difficult moments. Now, the PLC monitors the implementation and effectiveness of CALMA. Through the support of the Parent Teacher Organization, the school brought in wobbly stools, weighted vests, lap desks, chair kick bans as well as other items to address student needs. The faculty redesigned the school schedule so that all K-8 students had adequate down/recess time. The Parent Teacher Organization hosted information nights to share more about the program components and encourage adoption of the practices at home. Kentucky Educational Television recently filmed the school’s approach of CALMA. During the closing of the school due to COVID-19, Principal Hayslip ensured that students had continued access to the CALMA curriculum by creating social-emotional days, family learning days, and new weekly lessons taught by the counselor.

Always forward thinking, Principal Hayslip consistently looks for ways to facilitate the success of students, teachers, and the school. She communicates with families on a weekly basis and looks for ways on how to best engage everyone. Families always know Principal Hayslip is just an email away and always has time to help. At the center of Principal Hayslip’s very being is a love for students. Principal Hayslip’s positivity, sense of humor, and ability to be authentic and comfortable in her leadership style endears her to the school community.

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