Lessenger Elementary School Pre-K

Lessenger ES

Lessenger Elementary School NBRS 2016

Lessenger Elementary (Madison Heights, MI). Our preschool focuses on language, literacy, mathematics, creativity, science, technology, and social studies, using programs similar to those K-5 teachers use: Handwriting Without Tears, read-alouds and math manipulatives. We promote independence, cooperation, persistence, creativity, and problem-solving. Academic standards are aligned to the state’s; students are assessed for progress and assessment information is shared with staff and parents. A parent informational meeting is held preceding kindergarten, as is a “step-up day” for students to visit kindergarten. Of the 37 students who attended our preschool and are now third graders, 90% have maintained grade-level reading benchmarks. Those not meeting benchmark have interventions in place. A special feature of Lessenger has been our Chinese Language and World Culture Program. Beginning in preschool, students are learning the language, written symbols, and elements of the Chinese culture. Preschool families have the option of a half-day dual-immersion program. During class, students are listening, speaking, and reading. Students learn to have conversations with each other in Chinese and participate in Chinese customs.