Workshops, Communications, Content Nights


Atlanta, GA

Grades 5 – 8

students at KIPP strive academyParents and guardians at KIPP STRIVE Academy are held to high expectations. They are expected to check their child’s homework each night and attend parent meetings and conferences. Parents are also invited to attend academic workshop and contribute to the school by volunteering their time when possible.

To further increase parent involvement and impact student achievement, we notify the parent or guardian every day their scholar is tardy or absent. We send home weekly newsletters, academic progress and behavior reports, and announcements each Monday via KIPP STRIVE’s communication folder. The principal hosts Principal Roundtable discussions for all parents. At these Roundtables, the principal may make announcements concerning the school and parents may ask questions of the principal, express concerns, and request what they may need in terms of supporting their scholar.

Quarterly parent conferences are held at the time of report card distribution. Parents may speak directly with teachers, counselors, and/or the principal. We also encourage parents to be partners in the classroom by hosting Content Nights where parents are invited to “sit in the seat of their scholar” to learn and ask questions about a specific content. This event is offered for all subjects. Learn more about KIPP STRIVE Academy.