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Increasing Student Graduations

Brighton HSBrighton High School (Rochester, NY). Over the past five years, Brighton High School’s graduation rates increased from 89% in 2013 to 96% in 2017. Graduation rates increased for African American students from 55% to 95%, for students in poverty from 78% to 97%, for students with special needs from 65% to 82%, and for Hispanic students from 73% to 100%. With a focused determination and commitment to improving instructional approaches, academic interventions, and social emotional support, Brighton created a comprehensive approach for monitoring ALL students. Academic monitoring begins with 9th graders who may be scheduled into a study hall, skills lab, student help rooms, and/or academic intervention class. Quarterly, the school reviews all 9th graders’ report cards and structured supports are added or lifted as needed. There are three Brighton Support Teams (BST) which identify students who are struggling academically, socially, and/or emotionally. Each team includes an administrator, counselor(s), a Skills Lab (tutor center) staff member, and 3-4 teachers. Teams meet weekly to review referred students. Identified struggling students, who require additional intervention services, may be scheduled for the Brighton Support Center (BSC). The BSC services include: teaching organizational strategies and helping with academic monitoring; test preparation; credit or course recovery; grade monitoring for transfer students; and other transition support. Through this comprehensive approach, overall course failure rates decreased dramatically and graduation rates increased.

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