Hellgate Elementary Intermediate School

Missoula, MT

3-5 Elementary School

students at hellgate esStudents in all grades have PE class twice a week as well as a structured recess with our PE instructor. PE classes include everything from ball sports to dance and yoga. The goal is for all students to participate in and appreciate lessons for lifelong health and wellness. Our school’s active wellness committee comprises teachers, administrators, parents, and community members from the county health department. The committee supports the Hellgate staff and community with health and wellness curriculum recommendations. It was also instrumental in the districts’s adoption of a Wellness Policy that guides staff in offering healthy alternatives to candy and sweets for classroom recognition. Our 3rd grade attends a wellness field trip hosted by an area hospital and the county health department where they learn about bike safety, healthy food choices, and being tobacco-free, among other topics. The county health department conducts body mass indexes with our 3rd graders and uses the data for community planning and programming. Learn more about Hellgate Elementary Intermediate School.