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Demographic Overview

The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes outstanding public and non-public schools every year. The program represents the full diversity of American schools: public schools including charter schools, magnet/choice schools, Title I schools, and non-public schools including parochial and independent schools. The annual demographic profiles present the map of awardees across each state and entity, the percentage of awardees by school grade level, geographic locale, public school type, and non-public school affiliation.


Picture of a map of the United States with the number of 2022 National Blue Ribbon School Awardees in each state. The map includes 297 schools recognized in 45 states plus District of Columbia and Department of Defense Education Activity. 
Graphs providing demographic information about 273 Public School Awardees and 24 Non-Public School Awardees. 
Public Schools:
School Level: 3 percent are K-12, 71 percent are elementary, 11 percent are middle, and 15 percent are high school.
47 percent of public school awardees have 40 percent or more disadvantaged students.
Geographic Locale: 47 percent are suburban, 37 percent are rural or small city/town, and 16 percent are urban or large central city.
School Type: 49 percent are Title 1, 10 percent are choice, 5 percent are charter, and 1 percent are magnet.
Non-Public Schools:
School Level: 4 percent are K-12, 75 percent are elementary, 0 are middle, and 21 percent are high school.
Geographic Locale: 54 percent are in urban or large central city and 46 percent are suburban or rural or small city/town.
Affiliation: 92 percent are catholic, 4 percent are Christian, and 4 percent are Jewish.

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