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Computer Programming, Finance for All

Brownsville Early College High School

Brownsville Early College High School (Brownsville, TX). Ninth grade students are enrolled in one semester each of Computer Programming and Money Matters. The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Computer Programming class uses computer technology to examine the changing adaptations of business processes to new technologies and business models and provides knowledge of structured programming techniques and concepts. Students analyze the social responsibility of business and industry in regard to ethics, safety, and diversity in society and the workplace as they relate to computer programming. The CTE TEKS-based Money Matters course helps students investigate global economics with an emphasis on the free-enterprise system and its impact on consumers and businesses. Students apply critical-thinking skills to analyze financial options based on current and projected economic factors. The CTE TEKS-based Robotics course, offered to ninth and tenth grade students, introduces engineering. Students learn about history of robotics, career information, and certifications related to this field. Students work together to build their own robots and compete with peers at regional, state, and national competitions and are encouraged to join the CTE sponsored Technology Student Association.

Interested students continue their study of Engineering through the Engineering Design and Presentation class that covers sketching, designing, and creating 2- and 3-dimensional models. All technology high school classes follow the modified block schedule. The one semester TEKS-based Professional Communications Course (Speech) gives tenth grade students opportunities to address controversial issues in personal, social, and professional life. The course develops sound critical thinking and sharpens communication skills using current topics of interest with an emphasis on public speaking. In the Debate I course, tenth grade students develop skills in argumentation. This one-semester TEKS-based course helps students acquire life-long skills for intelligently and confidently approaching conflict and professional communication. Both classes follow the modified block schedule.

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