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Running, Gardening, Nutrition

Clairemont Elementary School

Decatur, GA

Pre-K – 3

clairemont es studentsClairemont Elementary is part of a health-conscious community. Students are encouraged to be active, maintain a healthy diet, and remain aware of their overall well-being. In twice-weekly PE classes, students learn the importance of participation and collaboration. Claremont also maintains a running program: all students train to run the one-mile event at our district-wide race, Tour deCatur. Students are buzzing the weeks beforehand, excited to be part of a running crew and proudly sport their running shirts. This year all students trained and more than half ran in the race. The school nurse and counselor provide classroom, small group instruction, and individual guidance on maintaining good health through numerous lessons from handwashing to healthy disagreements.

Our school is also active in the Farm to School initiative. Many teachers have participated in the training and brought knwoledge back to their classrooms. An expert gardener offers lessons to all grade levels on growing and preparing healthy foods. For example, she helped students in first grade grow local fall vegetables as part of an expedition project; the final product was a local planting guide.
Expeditions are built on content-standards with an explicit focus on literacy skills. For example, third grade students studied nutrition as part of a health and wellness unit and investigated and graphed the nutrition content of many common household foods. Other students did a close reading of a nutrition article to learn about the effects of high-sugar, high-fat diets and about childhood obesity. Students also invited a nutritionist to team them how to advocate for healthier school lunches. Learn more about Clairemont Elementary School.

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