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STEM Education Selected excerpts from National Blue Ribbon School applications

EAST Lab Produces 3D Yearbook – 2017
Don Roberts Elementary School (Little Rock, AR). The Don Roberts Elementary School is home to an award winning Environmental and Spatial Technology (E.A.S.T.) Lab. The EAST Lab provides professional-grade technology for students to learn to solve problems creatively in their communities. Students have access to state-of-the-art software and equipment: drones, geospatial technology, 3D printers, graphics… Continue Reading EAST Lab Produces 3D Yearbook – 2017
The Value of STEM – 2017
Leon Sheffield Magnet Elementary School (Decatur, AL). At Leon Sheffield Magnet Elementary School, students not only have access to STEM in their classes, but each class visits the STEM lab weekly for forty-five minutes. In the STEM lab, students commonly work in teams to apply their knowledge by solving problems or conducting experiments. For example,… Continue Reading The Value of STEM – 2017
Prioritizing Time for STEM – 2017
AcadeMir Charter School West (Miami, FL). The mission of AcadeMir Charter School is to provide a challenging academic curriculum that includes an enriched STEM project-based learning program for students in grades K-5. AcadeMir extended the school day by 30 minutes so that students receive 60 minutes daily of mathematics instruction, 30 minutes daily of STEM… Continue Reading Prioritizing Time for STEM – 2017