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Williams Yates Elementary School Williams Yates Elementary School (Independence, MO). The district strongly believes that instruction and learning are improved through participation in high-quality PD. District curriculum and instruction team members tasked with designing and implementing professional-learning activities cull available best practices research to identify evidence-based, manageable, and practical programming applicable to most educational settings (Pathways; Reading, Writing, and Math Read More

Ar-We-Va Junior-Senior High School Ar-We-Va Junior-Senior High School (Westside, IA). Our approach to professional development is aligned to the Iowa CORE standards and benchmarks and the Iowa CORE Characteristics of Effective Instruction and is based on the Iowa Professional Development Model (IPDM). The IPDM framework includes peer collaboration, researched-based instructional practices, modeling, observation, and personal accountability. The goal of Read More

Helemano Elementary School Helemano Elementary School (Wahiawa, HI). Highly trained medical professionals treat patients in intensive care units. Likewise, Title I schools require highly-trained teachers to effectively meet the needs of their students. As a Title I school, our professional development must be fine-tuned to meet our students’ needs. Professional development at Helemano Elementary is designed to develop capacity Read More

Pickering Valley Elementary School Pickering Valley Elementary School (Chester Springs PA). At Pickering Valley, teachers not only motivate students to learn, but are themselves committed to lifelong learning. Each teacher strives to grow personally and to assist colleagues in their academic endeavors. To that end, professional development is offered at both the district and building level to encourage effective, Read More

north star olympic teachers photo A carefully designed professional development system provides teachers with ongoing classroom observations from peer instructional leaders. This intense and ongoing coaching of teachers helps ensure that students, many of whom enter North Star well behind their grade-level peers, recover lost academic ground and steadily climb the mountain to college. Read the transcript of Training Olympic-Level Teachers. Read More

hopewell staff photo Principal Quigley promotes an egalitarian approach at Hopewell and has transformed the role of teacher aides or assistants into powerful teaching collaborators. Read the transcript of Empowering Staff. Return to the general introduction to Hopewell Elementary School. Contact Information Hopewell Elementary School 16 Monroe Street Taunton, MA 02780-6805 (508) 821-1240 FAX (508) 821-1356 Student Demographics 2009-2010 Read More

john wash powered by data photo John Wash Elementary School commits time, energy, and resources to professional development. Administrators, teachers, and resource personnel use a common instructional language. Teams collaborate to plan and master explicit, direct instructional practices with precise lesson designs and delivery. Teachers use think-alouds, graphic organizers, and white boards to check for student understanding. English learners are paired Read More

Sherwood Magnet curriculum thumbnail Sherwood teachers and administrators engage regularly during “eat and meet” lunch breaks where they review student progress, plan units of study, and discuss other academic matters. Hallways are arranged by content area to support impromptu, content-based interactions between teachers and students and among teachers. All teachers participate in regular team walkthroughs using a common form Read More

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