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Elementary School

Michelle Fox WA Bell A personal mission of Dr. Michelle M. Fox is to create a trusting and caring school culture where everyone feels welcomed, supported, and challenged to give their best each day. She believes that when students and staff members feel not only welcomed, but wanted; not only valued, but honored; not only trusted, but empowered, they… Continue Reading Michelle M. Fox, Ridgecrest Elementary School, East Puyallup, WA

Corrine Morris Saenz TX BEll Over the course of Ms. Corrine Morrís Saenz’s 18 years in education, she has held several roles including bilingual teacher, school counselor, and administrator. She developed a reputation for being positive, collaborative, tough, caring, and established a proven record of high achievements for all students, regardless of background or circumstance. When she became principal of… Continue Reading Corrine Morris Saenz, Reilly Elementary School, Austin, TX

John's Wright TN Bell When Mr. John Ross Wright, Jr. was a classroom teacher, he wanted not only to provide students with tools and resources, but to fully develop and nurture all aspects of a child’s development. He often asked himself, “what would I want for my own children?” He always had a desire to do more and to… Continue Reading John Ross Wright Jr., West Side Elementary School, Elizabethton, TN

Maryann Hayslip KY Bell Principal Maryann Hayslip believes responsible, caring educators do their best work by meeting students where they are and helping them see their unique abilities to move forward. Her vision for education acknowledges both the struggles and the past successes of each student while keeping a positive approach for future growth. This unified positive approach promotes… Continue Reading Maryann Hayslip, Saint Aloysius School, Pewee Valley, KY

(CT) Carmen Vargas-Guevara Mrs. Carmen Vargas-Guevara was on a mission to close the achievement gap and make South Street School in Danbury, Connecticut an exemplary model when she joined as principal in 2017. With a community population of over 80 percent Hispanic and other non-native English speakers, she set her sights on bringing a new vision to the… Continue Reading Carmen Vargas-Guevara, South Street School, Danbury, CT

Carol Leveillee DE Bell Ms. Carol Leveillee has been in education for over 37 years. Throughout her career she has had the honor of serving schools across the spectrum, including turnaround schools and nationally recognized schools. Principal Leveillee has seen it all, but her devotion to meeting the needs of children has remained a constant guidepost. As she states,… Continue Reading Carol Leveillee, Frederick Douglass Elementary School, Seaford, DE

Shavon Jackson AR Bell The word used most often to describe Principal Shavon Jackson’s leadership style is empowering. Under Principal Jackson’s leadership, the Crawford Elementary school community felt empowered to implement needed changes because she set them up for success and responded to their suggestions. She cultivated a shared vision and renewed energy for a school in need of… Continue Reading Shavon Jackson, Crawford Elementary School, Russellville, AR

Principal Phyllis Maestas Ladera Del Norte Elementary School Farmington, New Mexico Overcoming Challenges to Close the Achievement Gap. Like many schools, educators at Ladera Del Norte Elementary school were committed to supporting the success of all students, but they needed to strategically overcome a number of challenges in their mission to close achievement gaps. In this audio profile,… Continue Reading Audio: Overcoming Challenges to Close the Achievement Gap

Lakewood Students Musical Lakewood Elementary School Overland Park, KS Activating Student Engagement Through Brain-based Learning. Educators at Lakewood Elementary School take pride in creating schoolwide, interdisciplinary curriculum that students find exciting and memorable. They ground their strategies in a brain-based approach, meaning that lessons are designed to activate students’ brains, and that educators help children understand how learning… Continue Reading Audio: Activating Student Engagement Through Brain-Based Learning

Hernandez Maxwell Air Force Base Elementary/Middle School Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama Supporting Highly Mobile Students at a Department of Defense School. Meeting the academic, social and emotional needs of highly mobile students is a challenge faced by many schools and districts. Teachers and school leaders at Maxwell Air Force Base Elementary/Middle School in Alabama are… Continue Reading Audio: Supporting Highly Mobile Students at a Department of Defense School

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