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Middle School Practices

KIPP STRIVE Academy KIPP STRIVE Academy (Atlanta, GA). Parents and guardians at KIPP STRIVE Academy are held to high expectations. They are expected to check their child’s homework each night and attend parent meetings and conferences. Parents are also invited to attend academic workshops and contribute to the school by volunteering their time when possible. To further increase parent… Continue Reading Workshops, Communications, Content Nights

Challenger Intermediate School Challenger Intermediate School (Goddard, KS). Each month we concentrate on a different core character trait. Our teachers work with students on the identified trait throughout the month. Our counselor generates content and lessons, and staff regularly teach the content. At the end of the year, we celebrate our students’ success with character trait awards. All awards… Continue Reading Core Character Traits

piedmont middle thumbnail photo Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Charlotte, NC Students are chosen for Piedmont (and all CMS magnet schools) through an open lottery. Principal Dee Gardner, formerly Piedmont’s schoolwide Instructional Coach, describes how Piedmont students learn to apply Argumentative Literacy, an element of the Common Core curriculum, in all subjects, even music.  Teachers David Milligan and Megan Whiting illustrate a… Continue Reading An Argument for Learning: Piedmont Open Middle School

Elgin Middle School Relationships In addition to rigorous academics, students at Elgin Middle School receive daily affirmations through “relationships, rewards, and recognition” that keep them engaged and disposed to see school as fun.   Read the transcript of Keeping Middle Schools Students Motivated. Read Elgin Middle School’s National Blue Ribbon Schools application. Contact Information Current Principal: Chris Garner Former Principal:… Continue Reading Keeping Middle School Students Motivated: Elgin Middle School

sherwood middle student support photo While only students with 2.5 GPAs are accepted to this academic magnet school, the high standards can challenge even formerly high-achieving students. Guidance staff offer a sixth-grade support program to help struggling students form relationships and learn study skills and organization. A Positive Behavior Intervention program helps students learn appropriate school behaviors. Parent involvement is… Continue Reading Student Support: Sherwood Academic Magnet Middle School

Sherwood Magnet curriculum thumbnail Sherwood’s curriculum ensures that students meet local and state standards and then some. In mathematics, students are expected to exceed grade-level standards, enrolling in double math classes if necessary. Students who succeed in the core curriculum may enroll in enrichment courses such as forensics, pre-law, and marine biology. On a given day, students may be… Continue Reading A Rigorous, Well-Rounded Curriculum: Sherwood Academic Magnet Middle School

Sherwood Magnet curriculum thumbnail Sherwood teachers and administrators engage regularly during “eat and meet” lunch breaks where they review student progress, plan units of study, and discuss other academic matters. Hallways are arranged by content area to support impromptu, content-based interactions between teachers and students and among teachers. All teachers participate in regular team walkthroughs using a common form… Continue Reading A Learning Community: Sherwood Academic Magnet Middle School

Sherwood Magnet curriculum thumbnail Although Principal Crawford’s leadership is a finely tuned blend of knowledge, disposition, and skills, she credits her success to her ability to “get the right people on the bus.” She knows that Sherwood’s success depends on the staff’s collective capacity to get the job done – whatever it takes. Professionals are drawn to Sherwood for… Continue Reading “Hire Well”: Sherwood Academic Middle School

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