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STEM Education Practices


Selected excerpts from National Blue Ribbon School applications

Upper School - Englewood Cliffs, NJ Upper School, Englewood Cliff, NJ The Upper School consists of grades 3-8, with approximately 50 students per grade level. The former library/media program is now known as Educate to Innovate. Through all Visual and Performing Arts Courses, and in conjunction with the newly redesigned Computer Science and Design Thinking course, students are offered opportunities for Read More

McKinley Technical High School, Washington, DC McKinley Technical High School, Washington, DC McKinley Technology High School is an application public STEM-based Title I magnet high school. McKinley offers National Academy Foundation (NAF) Academies in Information Technology (Digital Media, Computer Science), Engineering, or Biotechnology. The entire biotechnology curriculum is designed to precisely mimic the experience of a research lab, complete with the Read More

Weatherstone Elementary School, Cary, NC Weatherstone Elementary School, Cary, NC Weatherstone Elementary School is a North Carolina STEM School of Distinction at the Model Level. Schools with this honor undergo a rigorous application process that requires responses and evidence demonstrating STEM implementation covering key elements rooted within Five Overarching Principles; a self-assessment of the school aligning to the STEM Schools Read More

aj_whittenberg_elementary_school_of_engineering A.J. Whittenberg Elementary School of Engineering, (Greenville, SC). A.J. Whittenberg Elementary School of Engineering is the first elementary school in South Carolina to have a school-wide focus on engineering. Teachers address state standards and district curriculum through the unique lens of the engineering design process and engineering units. The engineering design process is a tool Read More

Paramount School Teachers at Paramount School of Excellence (now called Paramount Brookside) in Indianapolis, Indiana enrich their lessons using a variety of on-site school features, including a planetarium, farm, and beehives. These unique features help students learn from the world around them. However, the key focus for educators at this K-8 charter school is on providing high-quality Read More

Elliott Southard Mount Lebanon Elementary School Pendleton, SC Learning Through Real World Application highlights how one school expanded on a STEM theme to create a teaching and learning culture matched to the way young students learn. When each of the four K-6th grade elementary schools in Anderson County School District 4 were tasked with creating a unique Read More

St. Francis Xavier School Saint Francis Xavier School (Wilmette, IL). In 2013, Saint Frances Xavier developed its EPIC framework to promote students and teachers’ Exploration, Play, Invention, and Creativity. The EPIC themes provide scope and purpose so that faculty make connections between the school’s mission, curriculum, and the engagement of all students. The EPIC Studio, home to technologies and out-of-the-box Read More

Photo of Don Roberts Elementary School Don Roberts Elementary School (Little Rock, AR). The Don Roberts Elementary School is home to an award winning Environmental and Spatial Technology (E.A.S.T.) Lab. The EAST Lab provides professional-grade technology for students to learn to solve problems creatively in their communities. Students have access to state-of-the-art software and equipment: drones, geospatial technology, 3D printers, graphics Read More

Photo of Leon Sheffield Magnet Elementary School Leon Sheffield Magnet Elementary School (Decatur, AL). At Leon Sheffield Magnet Elementary School, students not only have access to STEM in their classes, but each class visits the STEM lab weekly for forty-five minutes. In the STEM lab, students commonly work in teams to apply their knowledge by solving problems or conducting experiments. For example, Read More