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CAD, Code, Teaching, and Entrepreneurship

William Mason High School

William Mason High School (Mason, OH). The MHS Applied Technology Department offers Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Advanced CAD Engineering CAD, Architecture CAD, and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) (1-3) for elective credit for all grade levels. Pre-college CAD and CAM experience is important for students interested in STEM careers and guides students’ ability to model, adapt, and develop ideas using their science and math skills, engage in 3-D visualization and design (using a commercial 3D printer), and develop an understanding of the need for quality and precision in making things.

The MHS Business Department is a leader in providing students with real-world experiences and ways to apply their learning in work contexts. Students in grades 9-12 enroll in Microsoft Office Certification, Honors Microsoft Office Certification, Financial Literacy, Accounting I, Honors Financial Accounting, Entrepreneurs in Action, Online Entrepreneurs in Action, Small Business Management Internship, Introduction to Web Design, Website Design and Management, Banking & Investments, Integrated Media Internship, Comet Savings & Loan, and Mason Innovation Lab (student-run Genius Bar). About 19% of MHS students pursue a business degree in college, and many of those students have successfully “tried on” their major through these business offerings. Several MHS students have left high school as CEOs of their own successful companies that they developed and grew at MHS!

Along with a world language, tomorrow’s workers need to understand code. MHS offers students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to learn Visual Basic 6.0, C++ and Java in four levels of Computer Programming (including Android and Apple app development), culminating in AP Computer Science.

MHS students in grades 9-12 interested in becoming future educators can explore that passion in the school’s Teaching Professions Academy, an Ohio Career Pathway Program. As juniors, students can take Teaching Professions and as seniors, Honors Teaching Professions, which offers up to 6 hours of dual credit at Xavier University.