Award Year: 2022

Horizon Elementary School

1970 South Arabian Way
Washington, UT, 84780-8305

(435) 652-4781

Ms. Mona Haslem, Principal at time of Nomination

Washington County School District

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We desire for each of our students to leave our school with solid intrinsic motivation to construct meaningful lives with success academically, socially, emotionally, and mentally. We want every student to see their future with optimism, knowing they can control their success and outcomes.

Student Demographics
  • White: 88%
  • Hispanic: 6%
  • Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 2%
  • Asian: 2%
  • Two or more races: 2%
Families, friends, and community at Horizon Elementary

Families, friends, and community at Horizon Elementary

At Horizon Elementary, our main objective is building the whole child and laying foundations for life success. We do this by purposely teaching and developing intrinsic motivation, mental resilience, academic proficiency, and a desire to become a strong and happy contributing citizen in every aspect of their life. We implement a schoolwide system that involves and connects our students to every stakeholder - our faculty members, our Horizon families, and our community. Our team effort helps our kids build roots and wings - roots for stability, wings to soar.

We set expectations that are clear and strong, stretching our students' capabilities, which allows them to see their full potential. Our schoolwide classroom management plan teaches our students how to learn, how to help others learn, and the part they must play in making sure everyone feels safe and respected. We try to establish an environment conducive to prime learning and development. We invite our parents to be a part of this by educating them about our system, providing ongoing best practice parenting tips and support, and helping them see that they are the most important influence in their child's success and our school's success. We encourage and invite our community to become an integral part of our students' village, because it truly does take a village. We do this through acquiring sponsorships, teaching college and career development, and reminding our community members of the difference they make. We make sure everyone feels loved, needed, and a part of us!