Award Year: 2022

Gruver Junior High School

P.O. Box 709
Gruver, TX, 79040-0709

(806) 733-2081

Mrs. Lexy Glass, Principal at time of Nomination

Title I School

Gruver Independent School District

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The Mission of Gruver ISD is to provide exceptional educational opportunities to every child in a safe and nurturing environment that will produce responsible, productive, and successful citizens.

Student Demographics
  • White: 53%
  • Hispanic: 47%
English Language Arts Small Group Activity

English Language Arts Small Group Activity

The Superintendent of Gruver ISD has often referenced the quote that no one rises to low expectations. Gruver Junior High (GJH), along with the other campuses within the district, strives to impart this to our students and staff. These expectations are not limited to merely the classroom walls; they are a shared expectation between all educators, parents, and the community. In a small town, the partnerships between these stakeholders ultimately encourage our students to strive to participate in various academic and extra-curricular activities. This engagement is paramount in molding well-rounded students who are prepared for life.

Tasked with growing 21st Century Learners, our staff utilizes a variety of curriculums, teaching pedagogies, and software to extend and individualize academics. Instructional decisions are based on data from informal and formal assessments. Students take an active role in their learning by utilizing a 1:1 device ratio in tandem with interactive, hands-on learning activities. Gruver Junior High uses flexible scheduling to allow students to earn high school credit and participate in college and career readiness activities. Teachers work to communicate with parents frequently, and this genuine partnership ultimately leads to student success.

There is not one contributing factor that weighs heavier than another when developing the leaders of tomorrow. At Gruver Jr. High, success is attributed to the high expectations of the staff, students, parents, and community stakeholders. These long-standing relationships built at GJH drive instruction, development, and ultimately student success.