Award Year: 2022

Springlake-Earth Elementary/Junior High School

472 FM 302
Earth, TX, 79031-0130

(806) 257-3310

Mr. Bub McIver, Principal at time of Nomination

Title I School

Springlake-Earth Independent School District

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The vision at Springlake-Earth ISD is three-fold: First, everybody who is or has been associated with the school in any way to join with great pride in claiming the school as OUR SCHOOL. Second, the district wants that pride to come as a result of the good things that are happening because of OUR CHOICES that are driven by high expectations, coupled with discipline and hard work. Third, the district wants everybody to understand that the goal-driven choices made by disciplined people who exhibit high levels of character make a direct impact on the school vision, OUR FUTURE. OUR SCHOOL, OUR CHOICES, OUR FUTURE.

Student Demographics
  • White: 23%
  • Hispanic: 77%
Students participate in The Battle of the Houses

Students participate in The Battle of the Houses

Springlake-Earth Elementary and Junior High school is a rural school between the tiny towns of Springlake and Earth in the wide open spaces of West Texas. In a predominantly agricultural community, the Springlake-Earth Elementary and Junior High Campus serves approximately 175 students between pre-K and grade 7.

In order to build a better sense of community, a house system was developed to meet that need and to create and develop lasting relationships and bonds. Under the house system, each student belongs to a mixed age house group and stays in that house from first grade through seventh grade. The four house names are: The House of Dreamers, Courage, Givers, and Friendship. Within their house groups, students and staff participate in competitions, community service projects, traditions, and leadership development activities. Students have had the opportunity to give back to the dual communities of Springlake and Earth by participating in food drives for the local food bank, sock drives for a regional homeless outreach organization, walk-a-thons, and collaborative school beautification projects. Through the house system, many school traditions have come about such as: Friendship Day (celebrated during Valentines day), Battle of the Houses Day (a playday and track meet at the end of the school year), and Thanks Day (a day of thankful recognition celebrated in November). Although the students and staff certainly have fun during all house activities, the leadership opportunities, sense of community, and relationships built are the main focus and ultimate goal.