Award Year: 2022

Ethan Elementary School - 02

320 South 2nd Street
Ethan, SD, 57334-0169

(605) 227-4211

Mr. Tim Hawkins, Principal at time of Nomination

Title I School

Ethan School District 17-1

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The belief of the Ethan School district 17-1 is that the best possible education is the right and privilege of every student. The responsibility of the school is to educate students within the context of community values. The curriculum should be dynamic and progressive in order to meet the changing needs of both the individual and the entire student body. The school should strive to produce well-rounded American citizens through the total school program. The school will attempt to foster an atmosphere of excellence throughout its courses of studies and activities.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 3%
  • White: 94%
  • Hispanic: 2%
  • Native American: 2%
Elementary classes collaborating together for school wide project.

Elementary classes collaborating together for school wide project.

Ethan is a small community in southeastern South Dakota, and therein lies our strength. Our school is the heartbeat of our community, and because of this, community support and parental support is at an all-time high. This support allows us to have great expectations of our students and staff and inspires both to work to achieve at a high level. Our biggest strength, however, is an amazing staff that makes it their priority to build strong relationships with each of their students. This creates an environment where our students are not afraid to make mistakes. They feel valued, they are passionate about learning, and they treat each other as well as the entire staff with respect.

Academics are the foundation of everything we do in our school, but we also feel it is important to support our students' social-emotional needs as well. That is why we strive to create a family atmosphere where students are comfortable talking with their teachers and our school counselor about problems that may be bothering them. Our counselor also meets with each class, once a week, to discuss pressing topics that our students are exposed to throughout the school year in a manner that allows for questioning and understanding.