Award Year: 2022

Lynchburg-Clay Elementary School

6760 State Route 134
Lynchburg, OH, 45142-9154

(937) 364-9119

Mrs. Angela Godby, Principal at time of Nomination

Title I School

Lynchburg-Clay Local School District

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Lynchburg-Clay Elementary School is committed to continuous improvement. Through the combined efforts of the entire school community, we will provide challenging standards driven curriculum and use research-based instructional practices so that all children within our charge shall achieve at the highest level of learning.

Student Demographics
  • White: 96%
  • Two or more races: 4%
Lynchburg-Clay Elementary friends celebrating a PBIS reward!

Lynchburg-Clay Elementary friends celebrating a PBIS reward!

Lynchburg-Clay Elementary School is a place of pride and purpose for our students, their families, the staff members, and our rural community. High academic standards, school wide behavioral expectations and teachers who are dedicated and passionate about teaching children are at the forefront of our success. The implementation of a social-emotional learning curriculum coupled with our strong PBIS program provides the necessary foundation on which to build academics. There are several strategies that have contributed to the academic success of our students. Teacher based teams meet regularly to discuss student data, both strengths and weaknesses, and this data is used to make instructional decisions. The use of small groups within the classroom enables the teacher to address the individual needs of each student. Flexible grouping is used to ensure that students are placed where they can receive interventions and be challenged depending on the skill lesson. Providing students with instruction that is explicit and systematic and that follows a modeling approach keeps students engaged and excited about their progress.

Creating assessments that simulate the state test blueprints as well as using the instructional supports provided by the state model curriculum provide our students with the necessary practice that sets them up for success on state assessments. All these strategies aside, our greatest strength is the hardworking, compassionate individuals who serve our students every day. The team approach throughout the building, our focus on the well-being of each child, and the confidence we instill in our students has led us to be recognized as a school of excellence.