Award Year: 2022

Skaneateles Middle School

35 East Street
Skaneateles, NY, 13152-9405

(315) 291-2241

Mr. Michael Caraccio, Principal at time of Nomination

Mr. Michael Olley, Current Principal

Skaneateles Central School District

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To make the transition from childhood to adolescence a positive experience within a safe environment. Opportunities are provided for exploring and applying learning to develop a strong knowledge base where responsibility, respect, integrity, teamwork and work ethic are valued. In turn, students will demonstrate respect for themselves, others and their school, community and world environments. The development of these qualities is shared by the staff, students, parents and community. All of which is to set the foundation for students to have the best conditions for achieving our commencement expectations; effective communicators, quality producers, critical and creative thinkers, collaborative contributors and effective goal achievers.

Student Demographics
  • White: 96%
  • Hispanic: 2%
  • Asian: 1%
Class of 2024, 6th Grade Orientation

Class of 2024, 6th Grade Orientation

Our middle school and community at large have embraced the importance of meaningful relationships as the basis for learning and growing. Teachers, staff, administration and parents all genuinely care about the emotional well-being of our students. In partnership, we look for and provide opportunities to build connections with our students through activities, clubs and events within and outside of our classrooms. Additionally, what may be unique to our school are the number of employees who reside within the district and who have kids enrolled in our schools. Consequently, there is a village feel to the culture of our school. We take pride in the environment we have cultivated and work hard to take care of one another, like family. Furthermore, we are grateful for our families and their support. For the most part our students arrive at school with their basic needs being met, ready to learn and putting forth their best effort in and outside of school. Lastly, we have curriculum coordinators K-12 who collaborate with our instructors to ensure our resources are up to date, lessons are engaging and accessible for all of our students, assessments are aligned and formative, learning and student growth are priorities and time is allocated for continuous review and improvement. Skaneateles middle school is a great place to learn and achieve due to the interplay of our efforts to ensure a viable and guaranteed curriculum while at the same time prioritizing our relationships with and between all stakeholders.