Award Year: 2022

Lloyd Harbor School

7 School Lane
Lloyd Harbor, NY, 11743-1097

(631) 637-8800

Ms. Valerie Massimo, Principal at time of Nomination

Cold Spring Harbor Central School District

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At Lloyd Harbor School, student learning is challenging, collaborative, and creative. Children are supported through flexible learning spaces that encourage and foster 'voice and choice'. Our Core HIKER Values (honesty-inclusiveness-kindness-empathy-respect) are embedded into our daily culture and supported in and outside the classroom.

Student Demographics
  • White: 86%
  • Hispanic: 5%
  • Asian: 5%
  • Two or more races: 4%
Sixth graders celebrating the end of an amazing year!

Sixth graders celebrating the end of an amazing year!

At Lloyd Harbor School, we embrace traditions, strive to challenge all learners, and value an environment centered on mutual respect. Learning experiences foster collaboration, creativity, and the latitude to productively struggle through challenging tasks, all of which prepare students for real-world problem solving. Reimagined to support student choice and divergent thinking, classrooms are equipped with flexible furniture that can easily be maneuvered based on the learning activity. Our creative learning labs are utilized as makerspaces, double as research centers, and allow for explorations in technology such as CAD, 3D printing and coding. Extracurricular opportunities including Math Olympiads and a musical theater club further tap the creative minds.

Our community embraces the acronym HIKER which was developed by our School Improvement Team and represents our core values of Honesty, Inclusiveness, Kindness, Empathy, and Respect. As these values are woven into the fabric of our school, classrooms are laden with opportunities for discussion, reinforcement, and interdisciplinary connections. Our recent journey with Responsive Classroom has seamlessly contributed to a positive school climate by focusing on students' social and emotional needs while developing a sense of community within each classroom. This year, we planted a tree of "Hopes and Dreams" to commemorate our teamwork and envision our futures.

The heart and soul of our community lies within the LHTV Morning News Show. The broadcast includes components of a typical news show with student reporters and anchors but, more importantly, showcases the achievements of students and staff. What a great way to begin each day at LHS!