Award Year: 2022

Sanford Elementary School

755 2nd Street
Sanford, CO, 81151-0039

(719) 274-5167

Mrs. Dena Jaminet, Principal at time of Nomination

Title I School

Sanford 6J School District

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To offer today's students a universal education in a safe, rigorous, and engaging environment that will inspire their greatness, prompt their creativity, push them to achieve, encourage their personal growth, and prepare them to be tomorrow's leaders. Vision: "A caring community that serves, engages, educates and empowers all to excel."

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 1%
  • White: 68%
  • Hispanic: 31%
High School Principal Advisory Council and Elementary Leadership Team

High School Principal Advisory Council and Elementary Leadership Team

Sanford Elementary is a small, rural school in southern Colorado. The elementary enrolls around 220 students in grades PK-6. The Sanford School District is one building that houses PK-12th grade students. This provides a unique opportunity for students in all grades to interact with one another.It builds a true sense of family and community. The school is very close-knit and has great sense of school pride. We are bonded in tradition, but also always looking for ways to modernized our teaching and student learning.

Sanford has a long history of academic greatness. Our achievement scores are generally greater than the state averages. The achievement scores are worth mentioning, but we also like to highlight our other accomplishments. The teachers at Sanford Elementary truly care about the students. They want students to succeed, but they also focus on the whole child. We are a school of "great kids." The school has very few discipline referrals and our students are kind, compassionate, respectful, and responsible. Education is very important to the students, parents, and the greater Sanford community.

Being a smaller, rural school provides some challenges with resources, staff, and access to experiences. At Sanford we strive to provide students with the same opportunities that students in larger schools would have. We have to get creative in our teaching and use of resources and funding.

At Sanford we work for continuous improvement. We frequently monitor our progress, systems, and procedures to find a more efficient and effective method to conduct our day. The teachers, students, board members, and parents all work toward having a consistent growth mindset so we can be the best. We all believe we can always make the best, better.