Award Year: 2022

Weinberg Gifted Academy

5245 S. Val Vista Drive
Gilbert, AZ, 85298-1010

(480) 812-6600

Mrs. Jennifer Nusbaum, Principal at time of Nomination

Choice School

Chandler Unified School District

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At Weinberg Gifted Academy we empower our community to make an impact through our core values of kindness, bravery, and adaptability. We support our district's gifted academy approach by leveraging rigorous research-based resources, connecting with our diverse community, and engaging student interests. WGA students and staff are true partners in cultivating a climate of care, cause, and creativity.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 1%
  • White: 65%
  • Hispanic: 7%
  • Asian: 19%
  • Two or more races: 8%
Cultivating a climate of collaboration, curiosity, creativity and care!

Cultivating a climate of collaboration, curiosity, creativity and care!

Weinberg Gifted Academy (WGA) is a public school of choice for elementary students who are eligible to receive gifted services. Located southeast of the Phoenix metropolitan area in Arizona, we are one of two self-contained elementary gifted academies in the Chandler Unified School District. Our outstanding staff are committed to growing professionally and personally and are dedicated to developing each student's academic, social, emotional, physical, and creative potential through a problem-based, interdisciplinary approach that focuses on authentic purposes and audiences.

As a community of exceptional, twice- and thrice-exceptional learners we celebrate divergent thinking, big emotions, deep questions, wild ideas, and creative risk taking. As we embrace individual uniqueness we also cultivate a shared commitment to curiosity, compassion, and courage through our core values of bravery, kindness, and adaptability.

A shared leadership model invites teachers to connect across grade levels and disciplines to share ideas and strategies, offer support and perspectives, review data and research, and promote one another's passion for teaching. Families choose WGA because learning is rigorous and parents are our partners. Staff and students love coming to school because learning together is vigorous. Our students have true agency and ownership and are included as stakeholders and decision makers from our school grounds to our school goals.

Coming together in a pandemic was the truest PBL opportunity. From that, we grew our mission to put students at the forefront of learning and we empowered them with the skills and tools with which to lead the way.