Award Year: 2021

Emerson Elementary School

1017 East Harrison Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT, 84105-2417

(801) 481-4819

Ms. April Reynolds, Principal at time of Nomination

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Salt Lake School District

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Emerson is committed to develop a partnership among students, teachers, parents, and community and to promote the educational development of our children. We strive to instill a lifelong love of learning and a respect for everyone in our society.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 1%
  • White: 67%
  • Hispanic: 22%
  • Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 1%
  • Asian: 2%
  • Native American: 1%
  • Two or more races: 7%
Learners at Emerson are superheroes.

Learners at Emerson are superheroes.

Emerson is a community of diverse learners. Emerson is home to the International Pathways program, a district gifted and talented magnet Spanish dual language immersion program. Our neighborhood students, who come from a variety of backgrounds and demographics, comprise the second strand of learners. Thirdly, Emerson is a special education hub school for neurodiverse learners requiring specialized supports. These three distinct programs are woven together to make up one amazing school community.

Each program creates a richness that is portrayed not only in our student body, but also with our teacher and parent community. The International Pathways program brings a cultural flavor to our building that is seen through our Spanish-speaking international teachers, language use of students, and study of Spanish-speaking cultures all over the world. Emerson maintains a focus on collaborative classrooms where students with disabilities and their neurotypical peers are taught together in one inclusive environment with teachers providing differentiation for all students.

Emerson prioritizes acceptance of all and establishes a school culture celebrating the uniqueness in all of us. Emerson employs social emotional learning (SEL) signature practices and a focus on mindfulness, community circles, and restorative practices. The Emerson community garden is a core component of our wellness plan, serves as an outdoor classroom, and is a model of sustainability. Harvested produce provides food for families experiencing food insecurity. We believe in caring for our community and that Emerson students can make a positive impact in the world.