Award Year: 2021

Mittie A Pullam Elementary School

3200 Madrid Avenue
Brownsville, TX, 78520-8071

(956) 547-3700

Mrs. Celia De Los Santos M.Ed., Principal at time of Nomination

Mr. Marco A. Marquez, Current Principal

Title I School

Brownsville Independent School District

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Pullam Elementary strives to create an educational setting that promotes raising student achievement and facilitates an environment of lifelong learning among students, parents, and staff.

Student Demographics
  • White: 2%
  • Hispanic: 97%
  • Asian: 1%
We are Pullam Elementary!

We are Pullam Elementary!

Welcome to Mittie A. Pullam Elementary!

We are Culture! Lying at the southernmost point of Texas, we have the diversity of two countries that impact the lives of our students. Our programs are always inclusive, letting our population know that each has something to bring to make our school what it is today. From participation in local celebratory parades and events, to in-school plays, dances, and other forms of cultural expression, we recognize the uniqueness of our area that create that special bond with all our stakeholders.

We are Climate! The number one philosophy ingrained with our staff is that children are our purpose, our responsibility, and therefore the goal of our work. We offer an impeccably clean working environment that gives students and staff alike a clear-cut sense of pride to work and learn together. From the moment one walks onto campus, it is immediately clear that our school is a fun and safe place to be.

We are Community! Our families and businesses help shape Pullam Elementary into what it is today. We recognize the integral role they play in the healthy success of our campus. As one of the top schools in our district, our enrollment is indicative of the fact that this is a sought-after campus. Almost 40% of our enrollment comes from outside our zoned area.

Hard work, dedication, and passion for the students is what continues to drive the success of Pullam Elementary. This is our Spirit of Success!