Award Year: 2021

Rambam Mesivta High School

15 Frost Lane
Lawrence, NY, 11559-1808

(516) 371-5824

Rabbi Zev Friedman, Principal at time of Nomination

Lawrence Union Free School District

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Rambam Mesivta promotes academic excellence both in Jewish and secular studies, personal character development, leadership, social and political activism, sensitivity to others, and community service.

Student Demographics
  • White: 100%
Students delivering care packages to US fighting forces oversees

Students delivering care packages to US fighting forces oversees

Rambam Mesivta has been on the vanguard of educating its students to meet and overcome the challenges of the world. At heart, Rambam is about growing the individual so he can reach his full potential, and in turn, make an impact. To that end, the school, was founded by children of Holocaust Survivors and their students led rallies outside the homes of Nazis living in America in an effort to get them deported and stand trial for the justice they so richly deserved.

Rambam students would spend their mornings in intensive study of Talmud and Jewish law; be political activists in the middle of the day; and then study Physics, Shakespeare, History, and STEM in the afternoons. The activism also includes social justice and raising thousands of dollars to help victims of terror and natural disasters. From Houston to Puerto Rico, to as far as Japan, Rambam students use their abilities to help where help is needed. During Hurricane Sandy Rambam students opened up a "Day Care Center" in the school to create a space for little children to feel safe while their parents picked up the pieces of their lives. Rambam students have also sent care packages of thousands of pounds of goods to honor our US servicemen and women. To be "A Rambam Man" is to be responsible, a leader, a doer, and a lifelong learner. What's more, a Rambam Man puts to use his knowledge in the service of higher ideals, school, community, the country, and beyond.