Award Year: 2021

Coronado Elementary School

2600 North Brazos
Hobbs, NM, 88240-1584

(575) 433-2300

Mrs. Laura B Otto, Principal at time of Nomination

Title I School

Hobbs Municipal School District

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Our mission at Coronado Elementary is to foster a love of learning within our community, to create an environment of respect, inclusion, and support diversity.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 6%
  • White: 24%
  • Hispanic: 68%
  • Asian: 1%
Happy Coronado Kids SY 2019

Happy Coronado Kids SY 2019

At one time, Coronado Elementary continuously fell behind due to low student achievement. Once we examined the root causes of that low achievement, we found one issue: the lack of understanding of common planning time. Now, Coronado Elementary has become a highly focused school on three big ideas: collaboration, data-driven instruction, and teaching for learning. The most significant change to become driven by these ideals was a shared sense of urgency and an understanding of the benefit of common planning times. Once established structures for common planning were implemented and followed among our teachers, we began to see a growth in student scores and a sustained drive within teachers.

The basis of the structure revolved around several essential questions: What do we want our students to learn? How will we know they learned it? What do we do if they do or they do not? Common planning became a natural occurrence where teachers brought student work samples to discuss, analyze and plan. The following collaboration became a new beginning for a sense of culture for the teachers and a renewed focus on learning.

Fine-tuning common planning times using this approach has been twofold: Students could then tell anyone who asked what they were learning and why it is necessary; they knew what they needed to do to improve and knew that their work was meaningful.