Award Year: 2021

North Kirkwood Middle School

11287 Manchester Road
Kirkwood, MO, 63122-1122

(314) 213-6170

Dana Liberton, Principal at time of Nomination

Kirkwood School District R-VII

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Students of North Kirkwood Middle School will think critically and creatively, driven by a sense of wonder, connection, and joy. Working together, we will ensure all students are prepared for success - now and in the future.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 5%
  • White: 83%
  • Hispanic: 4%
  • Asian: 2%
  • Two or more races: 6%
NKMS Beautification Day

NKMS Beautification Day

Visitors and new families arrive at North Kirkwood Middle School and tell us about a feel in our building that is different than any other school they've entered. That feel comes from a shared philosophy that it is our job to make school work for every student who walks in our doors. At NKMS, we see adolescence as a time of growth, and we recognize that growth is not a linear path that all kids march in order. Instead, it is unique to every single student, and we have to build a community that supports the journey.

To do that, we hire the right people. We hire adults who love kids, who offer a mirror for students to find themselves in a role model, and who believe in the importance of using their content as a window to see value and purpose in the world.

Connections and relationships are at the heart of a successful school. We are purposeful to connect with one another and see service as one of those conduits. From a campus beautification day where parents, students, and staff lift shovels and haul dirt to Pursuit Week where we hit pause on classes so students can explore a topic of choice with others who share a similar passion, North Kirkwood Middle School pushes boundaries and welcomes community involvement. We take pride in seeking unique ways to shepherd each student through one of life's critical stages and offering them a home at NKMS.