Award Year: 2021

John D. Hardy Elementary School

293 Weston Road
Wellesley, MA, 02482-4531

(781) 446-6270

Mr. Grant Smith, Principal at time of Nomination

Wellesley Public School District

School Website


Hardy School's mission is best reflected in Wellesley Public School's mission. Wellesley Public Schools exist to provide a high quality, comprehensive educational experience that supports each student's academic, social, and emotional development and prepares them to be global citizens who are college, career, and life ready.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 3%
  • White: 50%
  • Hispanic: 6%
  • Asian: 27%
  • Two or more races: 14%
Hardy students share Project Based Learning experiences with the community.

Hardy students share Project Based Learning experiences with the community.

The Hardy School prides itself on ensuring students feel valued, respected, challenged and nurtured. Serving children Kindergarten through grade five, we are located in Wellesley, Massachusetts and welcome a diverse community of students who speak 11 different languages. We are committed to working alongside families to understand each child with the goal of ensuring all students feel seen, heard and celebrated.

A Hallmark of a Hardy education is our commitment to long held core values of engagement, inquiry and discourse. We set high standards for student achievement and view every learner through the lens of shared adult responsibility; data provides opportunity for collective inquiry and collaborative action. Students' continued success is the result of a child-centered, warm and caring school environment that promotes student voice and choice. Project Based Learning (PBL) connects young people to their community through authentic scientific and civic engagement. Learners solve real world problems, critique their own work, give feedback to others and create ways to share knowledge.

To promote a safe and inclusive learning environment, we created the acronym R.I.S.E. to promote respect, inclusivity, safety, and encouragement; this school-wide social competency framework is the backbone of our positive school climate. Both adults and children are learners at Hardy; we see instructional coaching and teamwork as opportunities to build robust professional culture and maintain continuous growth for educators. At Hardy we are committed to seeking excellence in all that we do in order to ensure that the comprehensive needs of students are met.