Award Year: 2021

Mahaffie Elementary School

1300 North Nelson Road
Olathe, KS, 66061-2746

(913) 780-7530

Mrs. Peggy Head, Principal at time of Nomination

Olathe Unified School District 233

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To build an actively involved community of respectful and responsible leaders. Inspiring a passion for leadership and learning.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 11%
  • White: 56%
  • Hispanic: 20%
  • Asian: 3%
  • Two or more races: 10%
Collage of Mahaffie Elementary School Students

Collage of Mahaffie Elementary School Students

Mahaffie Knights charge forward at chances to lead and learn! Mahaffie Elementary's high success and achievement is based on the foundational beliefs that all students are leaders, all students can grow academically regardless of their obstacles, and every single staff member in the building plays a crucial role in this mission.

Our leadership program has taught our students to see leaders within themselves and their peers. It has substantially increased their level of engagement in school and their confidence in who they are as people. It has brought our school together to truly work as a team where students and staff alike know their voices and talents are valued. This is our foundation to then be able to move our students academically. Our work is built around the belief that academic gains are more likely to be achieved when students are first taken care of emotionally and socially. Differentiated instruction is the forefront of how we meet the academic needs of our diverse learners. As you walk through our building you will see small groups happening within all classrooms and being led not just by classroom teachers, but by a variety staff members, including specialists, para-professionals, and aides.

We are generously supported by parents, community members, and business partners who actively engage in the success and growth of our students. Our Knights shine brightly because of the combination of leadership and collaboration that occurs each day at Mahaffie.