Award Year: 2021

Somerset Academy Silver Palms

23255 SW 115th Avenue
Homestead, FL, 33032-4505

(305) 257-3737

Ms. Kerri Ann O'Sullivan, Principal at time of Nomination

Charter School, Title I School

Dade School District

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Somerset Academy Inc. promotes a culture that maximizes and fosters the development of responsible, self-directed life-long learners in a safe and enriching environment.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 9%
  • White: 3%
  • Hispanic: 85%
  • Asian: 2%
  • Two or more races: 1%
Somerset Academy Silver Palms 5th Grade Graduation

Somerset Academy Silver Palms 5th Grade Graduation

Somerset Academy Silver Palms is an FL-DOE designated "High Performing" K-8 public charter school that serves over 1900 students, of which more than 80% are considered economically disadvantaged. The school takes great pride and commitment in engaging students in a rigorous and engaging program of study that allows each child to maximize their potential. The school instills a desire to succeed and provides them the skills to do so, despite any obstacles they may face. At Silver Palms, we believe each child is unique and learns differently and therefore, we commit to individualize and differentiate instruction for our learners. Student performance and achievement is monitored closely and data is used to inform decisions about the instruction each child will receive. Administrators and teachers identify areas of improvement and plan lessons to ensure that the educational needs of all students are met via hands-on instruction and using technology in a way that keeps students engaged.

In addition to academics, the school focuses on building partnerships and cultivating relationships with our families. Faculty and staff seek ways to continuously collaborate with students and their families, and these efforts have created a nurturing, caring, and positive learning environment where everyone feels welcomed and respected. In addition, Silver Palms has a plethora of sports teams, clubs, and activities that further bring the community "in." Therein a sense of family, school spirit, student fulfillment and social well-being is cultivated, and have become a part of the school's culture.

Somerset Academy Silver Palm's positive academic performance has yielded consistent narrowing of the achievement gap; coupled with the nurturing family environment the school has created a climate that motivates and inspires students to be part of the Silver Palms family and to consistently strive for excellence.