Award Year: 2021

North Star Elementary School

1340 Little Baltimore Road
Hockessin, DE, 19707-9733

(302) 234-7200

Dr. Karin Jakubowski, Principal at time of Nomination

Red Clay Consolidated School District

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Our vision statement was created with the teachers and staff - North Star will be recognized as a school that inspires the love of learning. Our mission statement was also created by the teachers and staff - North Star is a caring community that helps children grow. Two years ago, we added core values as well: Respect for all and Supportive Community. Everything we do is aligned with our mission, vision, and core values.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 3%
  • White: 60%
  • Hispanic: 5%
  • Asian: 26%
  • Two or more races: 6%
Spirit days are so much fun!

Spirit days are so much fun!

At North Star Elementary, our goal is to nurture, support, and encourage. This is how we do it.

It is July. As we do every year, our Multi-Tiered Support System (MTSS) Team, is meeting. We are examining data from an end-of-year survey that is taken by students, families, and staff. We notice a discrepancy between teachers' and students' perceptions about our school climate. We chat about the data, and note that many returning students have not been in our physical building for over a year. Others returned to our building last January with many Covid restrictions in place. Some families have experienced trauma as a result of Covid. Our school family will need support and encouragement as they return to school this year.

The team brainstorms consistent, school-wide measures designed to rebuild our community. First, we simplify the class pledge that North Star Bears recite as a school every morning to make it focused and clear. We revise our Behavior Matrix to align with the Pledge, and develop a series of Google slides for all teachers to teach behavior expectations in the classroom, pod, hallway, cafeteria, bathrooms, at recess and on the bus. Classroom teachers will reinforce behavior expectations by revisiting the slides weekly throughout the year. The team agrees to a "Best Bear" ticket system that acknowledges positive behaviors when we see them in action. All adults - custodians, staff, administration, specialists - will use this system to recognize "Best Bears."

Together, we are building a caring community that believes all children can succeed.