Award Year: 2021

Ross Elementary School

9 Lagunitas Road
Ross, CA, 94957-9661

(415) 457-2705

Mrs. Angela Gramlick, Principal at time of Nomination

Mrs. Ann-Marie Skaggs, Current Principal

Ross Elementary School District

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The Ross School District is committed to engaging learners in a safe, vibrant environment that supports academic rigor to ignite innovation.

Student Demographics
  • White: 87%
  • Hispanic: 6%
  • Asian: 1%
  • Two or more races: 6%
A student is sharing her current performance and next steps.

A student is sharing her current performance and next steps.

Over the past seven years, the Ross School staff has developed robust systems for ensuring children develop the knowledge and skills to take responsibility over their own learning. Staff routinely support students in implementing effective strategies to give and receive feedback from peers, track their own academic progress, and employ metacognitive strategies for handling challenging situations and discussing, reflecting, and taking action upon their current level of understanding.

For example, in Kindergarten students are taught a language of learning to discuss levels of rigor, to assess pieces of work, and offer guidance to peers to enhance their learning and performance. By eight grade, students are using a standards-based reporting system to align assessment practices with the grading methods of the school. Over the course of nine years, students develop expertise in learning how to learn.

Within this time frame, student academic progress and proficiency has grown significantly within each class and across each grade level. Moreover, student perception data continues to show that students feel like they have a strong connection to school, to their teachers, and to their peers. Over the next several years, Ross School aims to provide students with the strategies and resources to engage in data-driven discussions to move their individual and collective learning to new heights and take a more active role in restorative practices.

Schools from around the world have visited Ross School and have met with staff, students, and community members to learn about the key practices that enable students to develop their own expertise as learners. Simultaneously, Ross School continues to seek out key practices from schools around the world, immerse in contemporary research findings, and curate internal staff action conclusions to improve current practices and, ultimately, enhance the learning lives of children.