Award Year: 2021

University High School

2611 East Matoian Way
Fresno, CA, 93740-0001

(559) 278-8263

Ms. Jeffie Esparza Hickman, Principal at time of Nomination

Charter School

University High School

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The mission of University High School is to create a rigorous and challenging experience on the Fresno State campus that maintains a small school environment while promoting a liberal arts and music education.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 4%
  • White: 28%
  • Hispanic: 29%
  • Asian: 37%
  • Native American: 1%
University High School, Fresno

University High School, Fresno

University High School is a high performing, free, public charter school that specializes in music education. All UHS students take four years of Musicianship classes which focus on music theory, music history, and music artists. They also are enrolled in at least one performing group, either choral or instrumental, of which there are 12 groups at UHS.

UHS is located on the Fresno State campus, allowing for easy access to college curriculum, which is part of the UHS graduation requirements. All students follow a similar course pattern, which generates camaraderie and synergy amongst the students that also promotes a high A-G completion rate upon graduation. Students typically graduate with the equivalent of one year of college credits completed. Due to the location of the UHS campus, there is a smooth vertical articulation with advanced math classes. Students are also able to fulfill other California State University requirements, such as the Ethnic Studies requirement or other curricular area requirements, by taking additional classes during the senior year.

Students and staff at UHS focus on character by being Understanding, Honorable, and Studious in all that we do. UHS students have a community service requirement of 80 hours to compete before graduation. UHS believes that helping our community is pivotal to becoming productive citizens. UHS offers many activities, clubs, and some athletic groups for students to be involved. The students at UHS are driven, articulate, and unique.