Award Year: 2020

Williamstown Elementary School

430 Caroline Avenue
Williamstown, WV, 26187-0000

(304) 375-7675

Mrs. Heather Mannix-Bretthauer, Principal at time of Nomination

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Student Demographics
  • White: 100%
Williamstown Elementary School

Williamstown Elementary School

Williamstown Elementary School is a PK through 6th grade school located on the banks of the Ohio River in the Mid Ohio Valley. Williamstown Elementary School sets high expectations for students, staff, and administration. We have a wide variety of methods to maintain a high level of achievement. These methods are utilized to ensure not only academic success, but also the social/emotional growth of our school community.

Williamstown Elementary School encourages volunteering in our building. These volunteers not only share their talents with our school, but also with their time. Volunteers donate time through a wide variety of methods. We have an active community that supports our school financially by assisting our school with anything from weekend meals to playground contributions to our strings program. This community has historically rallied around all student functions from sports to violin to choir to academic fairs.

Teachers at Williamstown Elementary School work tirelessly to ensure that they meet the needs of each student. Differentiation and collaboration play key roles in ensuring that each student gets what they need, both emotionally and academically. Grade-level teams collaborate weekly with administration, specialists, and interventionists to review data to guide instruction. Each student is set up with an individualized pathway that is established to meet their individual needs.

Williamstown Elementary School will continue to maintain its academic successes through hard work and dedication to our school community. As we move into our new facility this school year, we will not only be able to provide our student with high quality instruction, but also with a state of the art facility.