Award Year: 2020

Park View Middle School

365 Dockery Road
South Hill, VA, 23970-5222

(434) 447-3761

Mr. Jonathan A Dixon, Principal at time of Nomination

Mecklenburg County Public Schools

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The mission of Park View Middle School, in partnership with family and community, is to provide all students with a quality education, within a safe environment, supporting the development of intellectual growth, effective communication, wellness, and life-long learning in a rapidly changing society.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 40%
  • White: 48%
  • Hispanic: 7%
  • Asian: 1%
  • Two or more races: 4%
A snapshot of life at Park View Middle School

A snapshot of life at Park View Middle School

What makes Park View Middle School different? While we have similarities with many other middle schools throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, and across the nation, what sets us apart are our strategies for success. We have committed ourselves to providing strong data-driven instruction, providing authentic learning experiences, preparing students to be global citizens, and creating an environment where all students and staff know that they are loved and appreciated for who they are as individuals.

Relationships are a vital part of the success of our school. We pride ourselves on making sure that every student has at least one adult that they can go to for guidance. Students are greeted each morning by staff members welcoming them back to school, letting them know that we are glad to see them and wishing them a great day. Morning announcements are concluded by the principal telling the entire school that they are loved and that will never change. This creates a warm, inviting, caring, and family-like environment where students feel safe to learn and grow.

Core instruction is data-based and designed to help students grow. Teachers assess where students are at the beginning of the year, and meet them at their instructional level to backfill gaps, while providing grade level content. Students who excel are given the opportunity to be enriched as well through our Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) and accelerated math programs. Electives give students the opportunity to explore the arts, as well as different career paths. With this exploration, students work with school counselors to determine their interests, develop career goals, and draft a plan that will help them reach that goal.

The success that our school has experienced over the past couple of years has only made us more passionate about growing our students. We are always in search of ways that we can innovate and improve our instruction to better meet the needs of our students. We seek to overcome any barriers to student achievement that may stand in our way. We recognize that in order for our students and our school to succeed, we must face adversity head on and do whatever it takes to ensure that we serve every student, every day.