Award Year: 2020

Alvarado Elementary South

1000 E. Davis
Alvarado, TX, 76009-0387

(817) 783-6880

Ms. Karla Moore, Principal at time of Nomination

Ms. Jalynn Burnes, Current Principal

Title I School

Alvarado ISD

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We ensure high levels of learning and student success through goal setting, relationship building, and achieving excellence in all things.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 3%
  • White: 38%
  • Hispanic: 55%
  • Two or more races: 3%
Former AES scholar, Sheldon Smith discusses archaeology with kindergarteners.

Former AES scholar, Sheldon Smith discusses archaeology with kindergarteners.

Relationships and academics flourish at Alvarado Elementary South (AES). The small town atmosphere embraces the school's prosperous educational history. AES has a student population of approximately 360 students, many of whom belong to families who have sent at least two generations through the campus, building on the school's rich traditions.

The caring educators at AES ensure high levels of learning and student success by creating a culture of high expectations in overall student performance and work collaboratively toward a shared vision. Excellence is the expectation in all aspects of the campus, including instruction and professionalism. Educators build strong and lasting relationships with learners and parents while providing a safe and nurturing environment through a positive behavior management support system.

One practice that contributes to the vast amount of success of the staff and learners involves social emotional development. Growth mindset plays a tremendous role in the classrooms and has provided students with the opportunity to acquire mastery of various skills through hard work ethics, high expectations, and dedication from educators and students. Educators spend a large amount of time at the beginning of the school year explicitly teaching about developing, maintaining, and exhibiting a growth mindset. Students track their progress and growth, and are held accountable for their learning through persistence and stamina. The development of a growth mindset culture has provided learners with opportunities to prevail in tough situations.