Award Year: 2020

West Main Elementary School

531 West Main Street
Lancaster, TX, 75146-3198

(972) 218-1551

Ms. Gail Amelia Wright, Principal at time of Nomination

Title I School

Lancaster Independent School District

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At West Main Elementary, we are "Racing to the Next Level" because "Exemplary is the Expectation." This motto is exhibited by how we engage our students on a daily basis. We realize the expectation begins with every adult in the building and translates to the student body by the actions we model for them. The staff at West Main Elementary understands that intentional instructional planning and delivery, directly impacts our students learning and their ability to achieve at advanced levels. We believe that ALL students can learn and at West Main, they ALL WILL.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 70%
  • White: 4%
  • Hispanic: 23%
  • Asian: 1%
  • Native American: 1%
  • Two or more races: 2%
5th Grade gifted student and ambassador reading to 2nd graders

5th Grade gifted student and ambassador reading to 2nd graders

At West Main, we believe "Excellence has no Finish Line" so we are always setting goals and "Racing to the Next Level." A huge part of West Main's success is its consistency and continuity. When making decisions that impact students, data, and research-based strategies are almost always used. Although developmentally scaffolded, West Main implements essential classroom expectations including classroom configurations, concept walls, student goal setting, and campus-wide reading/math strategies to ensure continuity and consistency for all students. Teachers also meet a minimum of once a week, by content and/or grade level, to ensure strategies are consistent and novice teachers are supported. They also receive weekly in-house professional development sessions to learn research-based instructional strategies and review student artifacts to ensure activities and materials are aligned to the state curriculum.

West Main is also known for its family-like environment. Teacher and staff turnover is low, therefore most of the teaching staff is well acquainted with one another's personality traits and grade-level content. Because the climate of the school allows everyone to feel free to learn and grow, staff members work hard to support one another, even across grade levels and departments. West Main's family-like relationships even translate to the community. Staff members are known to show up at a student's little league game, family funeral, or a hospital room to support parents and/or visit a sick student.

West Main has an AWESOME staff who believes that every child can learn so the staff works hard to build relationships with parents, ensure everyone is supported, and uplift one another, resulting in a positive atmosphere and academic success year after year.