Award Year: 2020

Rhawnhurst School

7809 Castor Avenue
Philadelphia, PA, 19152-3603

(215) 400-3220

Ms. Joy Kingwood, Principal at time of Nomination

Philadelphia City

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Our focus is to create a positive learning environment in our school and community that will provide opportunities for all children to be engaged and successful learners. We believe that all children can learn and have the right to high expectations. Our goal is for our children to be critical thinkers, good problem solvers, and confident learners. They should have an awareness of self in relationship to others. These skills are essential for our children to become productive citizens in our society.

Student Demographics
  • Black/African American: 21%
  • White: 23%
  • Hispanic: 19%
  • Asian: 30%
  • Two or more races: 6%
Rhawnhurst School students participating in holistic and inclusive learning experiences!

Rhawnhurst School students participating in holistic and inclusive learning experiences!

Rhawnhurst School is home to an extremely diverse student population, with over 27 different languages represented. Rhawnhurst graciously sees this collaboration of cultures as the core of their diverse school climate. The school community works to ensure that differences are accepted and appreciated. This celebration of diversity is largely reflected in the instructional practices and professional development of the staff. Teachers further embrace our unique school population through the inclusion of culturally diverse books and materials that represent the distinct cultures of our learners.

At Rhawnhurst, we foster a core belief that a growth mindset is essential to authentic learning and reflective teaching. We treat each and every student as a unique individual with their own interests and academic goals. In doing so, teachers are trained to create individualized instructional plans to meet the needs of our very diverse student groups. Teachers work in grade teams to plan and prepare Common Core aligned lessons that include the use of multiple texts and pre-planned student questioning centered around alignment of tasks and rigorous grade-specific standards. Lessons are inclusive of many opportunities for student talk, vocabulary development, and project-based activities. Individualized and high quality teaching are essential to closing the achievement gaps of our under-performing student groups and to propel all students forward!

In recent years, we have focused on utilizing technology as an integral component of instruction at Rhawnhurst. We are proud to utilize a blended learning model across the curriculum with 100% of classrooms having interactive whiteboard technology and 1:1 student to laptop ratio. In addition, we take a holistic approach to shaping highly capable students who are actively engaged in their own learning and experiences. Comprehensively, Rhawnhurst School is dedicated to the development of 21st century citizens that will contribute to the greater good in society.