Award Year: 2020

South Elementary School

132 Providence Avenue SW
New Philadelphia, OH, 44663-9566

(330) 364-0725

Mrs Jacklyn Mary Triplett, Principal at time of Nomination

New Philadelphia City

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Our school mission statement calls for all students to be provided the opportunity to achieve their highest potential. Students are to become educated, self-sufficient, and responsible citizens. Our school is committed to providing every student a diverse, quality education within a safe and secure environment through a dedicated, innovative, and highly qualified staff in partnership with parents and the community at large.

Student Demographics
  • White: 93%
  • Hispanic: 3%
  • Asian: 1%
  • Two or more races: 3%
First Day of School

First Day of School

South Elementary is a special school where the children are assured a well-rounded and spirited education. In 2018 the school was chosen as a Hall of Fame School by the Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators. This award recognized that the school went above and beyond for students.

For the 2019-20 school year, the district goals were established in relation to focused teaching using standards that are set forth by the state of Ohio. Pacing guides and the model curriculum were used with fidelity in all grade levels to ensure consistency in teaching the standards. Teacher teams worked collaboratively to study and explore six essential steps to ensure high quality lesson planning for students. Monthly building leadership meetings were held with the principal. These meetings provided exploration and understanding of high quality lesson planning by teacher leaders in the building. This understanding was presented to teacher teams and utilized in classrooms. The principal ensured and monitored the progress of lesson planning during classroom observations and team meetings. Each teacher team at the building level meets to set smart goals that align with the district work. Action steps that will propel learning to reach goals are set. Goals were specific, using a learning standard monitoring sheet.

The staff works together towards the district's goal of student achievement, commitment, and excellence. Professional learning communities occur among grade specific teachers twice weekly, where student achievement is studied and action plans are reviewed. Staff meetings are held once a month where teachers present new pedagogies, and the principal provides district and building news necessary for continued success. Encouragement and camaraderie occur during impromptu team huddles with staff and administration. All staff meetings have a learning focus that will propel the goals for the building. Student focus, engagement, and personalized learning are themes for the school. Monthly staff meetings are held with a learning focus. Staff members present on the topics and themes that relate to the building goals. Differentiation, goal setting, feedback, and universal design have been topics thus far. Teacher learning from teachers is a powerful way to build capacity in the school for unified common practices. There is time for questioning and discussion to ensure understanding during the staff meeting.

The success of the school aligns with unity of the staff who are committed to teaching students using pacing and alignment of standards that are set forth by the state of Ohio. This focus allows for the school to be a high performing school. Innovative learning environments, both in class and beyond the school house, with rigorous and relevant instruction results. Teachers consistently collaborate to achieve meaningful student-centered learning experiences through application of research-based instructional strategies as we strive for optimal individualized learning. Engagement is a key piece of learning. South Elementary strives to promote a nurturing environment of positivity that provides impactful opportunities for students to grow and excel emotionally, socially, and academically.